Tooth Pain Making You Think About Going to the Emergency Room?

Dental pain, and toothaches specifically, are a HUGE source of avoidable trips to the emergency room. We always want to keep ER beds clear for true emergencies, and that will especially be true in the coming weeks. So let’s review when you DO have an urgent situation that warrants a trip to the ER, when it’s better to call your dentist, and what options you have if you don’t have a dentist, or can’t get in touch with him/her, and are in pain.

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Every day, patients of Flourish Dental Boutique are discovering their body’s true potential for wellness. Dr. Engram’s passion is working one-on-one with patients on their individualized nutritional journeys in a safe and mindful environment. Visit our website or call our office today to start your wellness journey at Flourish Dental Boutique!

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