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Dr. Toni Engram of Flourish Dental Boutique is a leader in the field of holistic dentistry and wellness. She uses cutting-edge treatments such as ozone therapy to help patients improve their oral and general health. This powerful therapy can help prevent cavities and even treat gum disease. To learn more about ozone therapy from Flourish Dental Boutique in Richardson, schedule an appointment today.

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What Is Ozone Therapy And What Can It Treat?

You may be familiar with ozone from the concept of the “ozone layer,” a part of the atmosphere that shields us from the sun’s UV rays. The ozone we use in ozone therapy is the same substance!

Ozone is formed by 3 oxygen atoms, and it has been shown to have a number of great benefits in dentistry. Most importantly, it can help stimulate oxygen metabolism and prevent oxidative stress, which encourages healing. It also kills most types of bacteria on contact. By killing bacteria and boosting blood oxygenation/flow in the mouth, ozone therapy can help speed up healing, treat cavities and gum disease, and boost your natural immune response.

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What to expect during treatment

How Is Ozone Therapy Administered During My Appointment?

There are several ways ozone can be utilized depending on the specifics of your case. In cases of severe infection, ozone may be injected directly into the tissue. However, more frequently the ozone gas is gently placed on the teeth or gums, and ozonated water is used in conjunction with Dr. Engram’s dental tools. You may even be instructed to use ozonated olive oil after a procedure in order to expedite healing.

Understanding how it helps

Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

The first benefit of ozone therapy is that it helps boost your body’s natural healing processes by improving oxygenation of the blood at the treatment site, which encourages stronger tissue formation. 

It can also be used in combination with other treatments like dental sealants and silver nitrate treatments to halt the progression of cavities or gum disease.

The treatment is fast, effective, and completely safe, making it a great option for almost every patient. To learn more, just contact Flourish Dental Boutique at (469) 676-2777.

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Am I a Good Candidate For Ozone Therapy?

Since ozone therapy is a long-studied treatment modality, almost anyone who has an oral infection such as a cavity or gum disease is a good candidate for treatment.

In addition, ozone therapy may also be recommended if you’re recovering from oral surgery or periodontal treatments like deep cleaning (scaling & root planing). It can help speed up the healing process and prevent complications like infections. For more information, contact the team at Flourish Dental Boutique now.

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