SMART Amalgam Removal

Replace Your Metal Fillings

SMART Amalgam Removal

If you’re looking to remove your old metal amalgam fillings, Dr. Toni Engram is here to help. As a certified SMART amalgam removal specialist, Dr. Engram can remove your old fillings safely, and restore your smile with natural, tooth-colored ones. Schedule an appointment today to get started.

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the truth about silver fillings

Why Should I Remove My Metal Amalgam Fillings?

Metal amalgam, or silver fillings, are made with up to 50% mercury, a toxic substance. While most publicly-available studies show that amalgam fillings are safe, those who are uncomfortable with the high mercury content in metal fillings may choose to have them removed.

Metal fillings also have a tendency to become loose over time, due to metal shrinking or expanding under extreme temperatures. If this happens, replacing a metal amalgam filling is the best way to prevent further tooth decay and restore your tooth’s functionality.

Finally, some patients with old metal amalgam fillings may simply want to revamp their overall cosmetic appearance. Metal amalgam fillings can make the teeth look gray over time, and cause you to feel self-conscious. Regardless of the reason you’re interested in having your metal amalgam fillings removed, Flourish Dental Boutique is the place for you.

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what to expect during treatment

the SMART Metal Amalgam Filling Removal process

The process of SMART metal amalgam filling removal is simple to understand. First, you will rinse and swallow with an adsorbent like charcoal or chlorella. Next, your mouth will be cleaned and numbed. 

After your cleaning, we’ll use a rubber dental dam to isolate your tooth, and put a special protective barrier over your body and your head. We will also provide you with a nasal mask to deliver outside air and prevent you from breathing in mercury vapor.

Next, we will begin removing the old metal filling in large chunks using a dental drill. We will then use oral irrigation and an oral aerosol vacuum to reduce heat to your gums and prevent mercury exposure.
Once your filling has been removed, the procedure is complete, and we can move onto the next step of restoring your tooth with a tooth-colored filling, dental crown, or inlay/onlay.

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Amalgam Filling Alternatives

Tooth-colored fillings made out of dental resin or GIC (glass ionomer cement) are the most popular alternatives to amalgam fillings. However, if your filling is large, it may be a better idea to replace it with a porcelain crown (cap), or a porcelain inlay/onlay. Dr. Toni Engram will discuss your options and help you decide which is right for you.

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the right time for amalgam removal

Am I a Good Candidate For SMART Amalgam Removal?

If you are in good health and you have one or more mercury-amalgam fillings that you would like to have removed, you’re most likely a good candidate for SMART amalgam removal. However, there is one major exception to this. Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding should not have their amalgam fillings removed due to the high risks associated with even minimal prenatal/infant mercury exposure.

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